Services for newcomer women

In Canada, women and men have the same rights and freedoms. We protect women living in dangerous situations, help them heal and connect them with services we fund.

Settlement organizations

Many organizations offer referrals, counseling and support groups to help newcomer women and their families get information, understand the cycle of abuse and access supports.

Organizations work with newcomers both to let them know how they can protect themselves from abusive or vulnerable situations, and to help them heal afterwards. This includes referring them to other professionals and community supports, if needed. They also:

  • promote awareness of, and educate about domestic violence
  • support their employees with training and workshops so they are prepared to help vulnerable women and children
  • teach newcomers about social support and making connections with people in their community
  • deliver women-only programs and services, such as language classes and support groups, in a safe and open space
  • offer services during the day, evening and on weekends to help women with different schedules (some also offer child care and transportation)
  • assist women with:
    • developing safety plans
    • building confidence
    • obtaining medical and social services
    • understanding their legal rights in Canada

Find an organization

More than 500 organizations across Canada (outside of Quebec) deliver settlement services to newcomers. Many of them offer services specifically for women.

The Resettlement Assistance Program offers specialized services designed for refugees. This includes:

  • referrals to centres for victims of trauma or torture
  • orientation to Canadian laws
  • information on human rights

Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot

This pilot was formerly known as the Visible Minority Newcomer Women Pilot

Racialized newcomer women continue to have lower employment earnings. They often have trouble finding and keeping good jobs in Canada because of discrimination and other barriers.

The pilot provides newcomer women in Canada with settlement services and support to improve their employment outcomes and career advancement.

This initiative will contribute to greater opportunities for racialized newcomer women to participate equally and fully in the economy.

Strategy to prevent and address gender-based violence

Find out what Canada is doing to address violence against women, including newcomers.

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