Appendix D – Right of Citizenship Subordinate Remission Policy

Right of Citizenship Subordinate Remission Policy (PDF, 825 KB)

D1.1 Context

This section articulates remission requirements specific to the Right of Citizenship fee.

D1.2 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to:

This document is to be read in conjunction with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) Departmental Remission Policy Pursuant to the Service Fees Act.

D1.3 Policy Effective Date

This policy takes effect April 1, 2021.

D1.4 Affected Fees

This policy applies to the Right of Citizenship fee.

D1.5 Service Standard for the Right of Citizenship Fee

While processing/application fees for citizenship are exempt from the Service Fees Act, the Right of Citizenship Fee (ROC) is subject to it. A service standard for the ROC was established.

D1.6 Remissions Rules

Unless otherwise excluded, a partial refund for the Right of Citizenship fee may be issued in cases where IRCC has exceeded the service standard.

Clients who may be entitled to a refund are not required to apply for the remission of the Right of Citizenship fee as the remission eligibility falls under the Department’s responsibility. These applications will be monitored by the Department and the appropriate portion of the fee will be refunded accordingly.

Applications that are refused, abandoned or withdrawn are not subject to the remission as the ROC is already refunded in full in these cases.

Exclusions from the remission policy are detailed in section D1.9.

D1.6.1 Remission Calculation Methodology for Right of Citizenship Fee

In cases where the service standard is not met, clients will be refunded a portion of the fee paid. This amount is based on the proportion by which the standard has not been met. The refund will be based on the following scale and is based on time elapsed between the date IRCC issues a positive grant decision and the date IRCC first sends the invitation to attend the ceremony and take the Oath of Citizenship:

The impact to the fee payer is determined to be correlated to the amount of time outside a service standard that the service is delivered. Taking into consideration that the service is ultimately received, remissions at IRCC shall not exceed 50%. The proportion of the fee remitted will correspond to the following two tiers:

Remission Tier Days over service standard
25% of fee paid 1 day – 4 months
50% of fee paid 4 months (+1 day) or more

Aside from exceptional circumstances (i.e. if citizenship requirements are not maintained), it is important to note that clients who have received a positive grant decision but whose services fall outside of the service standard will ultimately attend a citizenship ceremony, be granted Canadian citizenship and will acquire the many rights and privileges of becoming a Canadian citizen.

D1.7 Remission Process

Remissions will occur quarterly. Remission eligibility calculations will be completed only after the Oath of Citizenship is taken and the application is closed in the Global Case Management System (GCMS). Remissions will be monitored closely to ensure frequency is appropriate. Remissions will be completed on a regular basis throughout the year and clients will be notified when eligible. All remissions will be completed before July 1st of the following fiscal year (April 1st to March 31st).

The fee remission will be issued to the client based on the latest client information available to the Program.

D1.8 Exclusions

The following program specific and IRCC-wide circumstances will be excluded from the delivery of the 4 month service standard for the ROC:

This remission policy also does not apply for applications processed in unusual or exceptional circumstances that may impact regular operations, result in an unforeseeable and significant influx of applications, or result in loss of staff, loss of facility (partial or full), or loss of communications or network capabilities.

Departmental exclusions can also be found in the Departmental Remission Policy which should be read in conjunction with this document.

D1.9 Enquiries

Enquiries on remission eligibility or in regards to this subordinate remissions policy should be directed to

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