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All relevant information required to complete an application is included in the Funding Guidelines document and the Questions and Answers. This intake process pertains to the Resettlement Assistance Program only.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about this process. These are updated on a regular basis.

What is a financial partner?

A financial partner is a partner who will be contributing financially to the successful completion of your proposed initiative. A letter of support must be included for each financial partner.

Do I require a letter of support from my financial partner(s)?

IRCC requires confirmation of all sources of funding in connection with the applications submitted to this open intake process. This can be provided via a copy of a letter from the funder, an existing memorandum of understanding, letter of intent, correspondence from a funding partner, etc… Applicants in possession of such a document pertaining to their current application do not need to request a new and separate document from their funder(s). If your current evidence pertains to the project for which you are not seeking funding from IRCC, then you should provide it along with your application. Please note that if you identify funding partners and do not provide evidence of their commitment to your project, then your application will not be accepted. If in doubt about acceptable evidence, please contact IRCC.

Can the application for funding form be printed?

No, the application for funding can only be viewed in the online application form, it can however be accessed and viewed at any time via the Partner Portal.

We cannot access CRA or incorporation dates, how should we proceed?

If this information is not available when registering please estimate the dates. When the information becomes available it can be update in the "Profile" tab of the Partner Portal at any time.

How do we submit a joint proposal with another organization?

You cannot submit a joint proposal. If 2 organizations are working together the proposal will need to be submitted by one organization and the other identified as a partner.

Is it possible to withdraw an application?

If at any point in the application an error is made you can withdraw the application and start a new one by clicking "withdraw" on the erroneous application, and click "new" to begin a new one.

What do I need to review before applying?

All relevant information required to complete an application is included in the Funding Guidelines document and these Questions and answers. This funding process pertains to the Resettlement Assistance Program only.

How do I create a user profile?

Before you can begin completing the application for funding you must first create a user profile within the IRCC online portal.  This user profile will provide you with an account within IRCC’s online portal that you will use to log in every time you go onto the system.  Note that anybody can create a user profile, however the executive director of an organization is the only one allowed to create an organization’s profile.

How are users added to an organizations profile?

Once the Executive Director creates a profile of their organization, they are provided with an organization reference number. Additional users can then create personal profiles linking them to an organization by referencing that number. Once they have been vetted by the Executive Director they will have access to the organizations information and can work on an application on behalf of the organization.

How do I access the application for funding?

Once you have created a user profile within the IRCC online portal, you can access the online application and begin completing each section of the application at your own pace. Refer to the "Tutorial: how to use this page" and (?) icons located in each application section to guide you through the specifics of the application.

I am having technical issues with the application form

Refer to the "Tutorial: how to use this page" and  (?) icons located in each application section for guidance. If the issue is not addressed, Helpdesk can be contacted by phone 613-954-9961 or toll-free 1-855-897-3081 Monday – Friday from 8AM – 5PM EDT or by email.

How do I submit my online application? The Submit Application button does not work.

An application can only be submitted once all of the sections are completed, including the mandatory documents and the Executive Declaration (which must be approved by the executive director or equivalent).

The Status Page of the application will indicate which sections of the form are complete. Once all sections are noted as complete, the Submit Application button will be activated and become clickable.

Can proposals be submitted in hard copy?

No. All proposals must be submitted electronically via the online application form.

Will I be able to speak with departmental representatives in order to ask questions concerning this process and develop my proposal?

IRCC staff will not be available to help in developing proposals. However, applicants can send questions about this process to IRCC. IRCC will make every effort to respond to each inquiry in a timely fashion.

How much detail do I need to provide in the budget?

Refer to the budget submission details section in the funding guidelines.

The reasonable amount for a project budget depends on proposed activities and project scope. It is important to remember that value-for-money and cost-effectiveness is reviewed in the assessment phase to determine which projects IRCC will fund.

What happens if I do not submit all mandatory documents with my application package? Will I be able to submit them later?

Your application and all mandatory documents must be submitted together on our online application system. Applications that do not contain all mandatory documents will be deemed incomplete and will not be accepted by the system. You will not be able to submit documents after the application has been submitted. If necessary, applicants should save their proposal on the system while they await all mandatory documents, and only submit once they have received everything that they need to complete an application.

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