ENTRY Program

As the first place for newcomers to learn about living in Manitoba, the ENTRY Program provides settlement orientation and an introduction to English language and services in four main areas: places to go (getting around), health, laws, and employment and education. The four-week program covers one of these areas each week. For newcomers who already have a good understanding of English and who may not have time for the four-week program, the one-week express orientation covers all four areas in one week.

“Thanks very much to the ENTRY Program. When I came to Winnipeg, I felt very lonely because I had no friends. I felt bad. But the ENTRY Program helped me, taught me more information about my life in the new country, and made me happy. The teacher is very funny. I like to study here."

Anonymous, China


This four-week, half-day program is accessible for any newcomer to Manitoba. All newcomers are referred to the program directly by Manitoba START and they may attend morning, afternoon, or evening sessions.

Newcomer Involvement

Information is provided in a classroom setting. Newcomers at a similar English language ability level are placed in the same class. Interpreted sessions are offered each week to impart some of the most critical information to lower-level EAL (English as an Additional Language) newcomers. Interpretation occurs simultaneously in various languages. Continuous intake each Monday allows participants to begin the program without a waiting period. Each week, graduation ceremonies are held to celebrate the clients’ movement into other language and settlement programming. Learners provide constant input/feedback to the program.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Partnerships have been established with other immigrant service providers, specifically, Manitoba START and the Winnipeg English Language Assessment and Referral Centre. Partnerships have also been developed with the Regional Health Authority, law enforcement, employment service providers, Revenue Canada, and the Consumers’ Association of Canada to ensure current information and the participation of guest speakers from these agencies. The ENTRY Program is one of the five core immigrant-serving programs that share the same database to reduce data entry and expedite referrals of newcomers.


As with all Manitoba Immigrant Integration Program service providers, the ENTRY Program is subject to reporting protocols which monitor both financial and program activities. The Premier and several Ministers have visited the program. Graduates of the program promote it to others as they have found it very helpful in their settlement process.

Positive Outcome

By participating in the program, newcomers are informed of key services early in their settlement process. This ensures that they get the appropriate supports (including employment supports) to meet their needs early in their arrival process. They are then more likely to become integrated into the community and independent and productive citizens as quickly as possible.

“This is a very important and useful program for immigrants in this country, please be encouraged and continue to offer program that welcome immigrants."

Anonymous, Somalia


Other provinces have been interested in the ENTRY program model. The program has been showcased at national settlement and EAL conferences. An adapted ENTRY program has been developed in regional centres. Each location has designed its own model according to local situations. A children’s version of the program, called "Intro", was also created for school-aged children of Resettlement Assistance Program clients. The program has also been adapted for older adult immigrants who are not headed to the labour market. The ENTRY for older adult immigrants is spread out over several more weeks (on a part-time basis) and provides orientation without the employment model. It emphasizes social networking, accessing community resources, fostering healthy families, and reducing social isolation.


Service Providers
Altered Minds Inc. (AMI)
Manitoba Labour and Immigration – Manitoba Immigrant Integration Program (MIIP)
Winnipeg, MB
Year of Launch
Languages of Delivery
English, French, Cantonese, Chokwe, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Lingala, Mandarin, Punjabi, Russian, Sinhalese, Spanish, and Swahili
Newcomer Groups Served
All newly arrived immigrants and refugees
Expected Results
Information and Orientation (Newcomers make informed decisions about their settlement and understand life in Canada)
Language/Skills (Newcomers have language/skills needed to function in Canada)

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