IRCC Settlement Program initiatives

Through our Settlement Program, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) works with many partners to support the delivery of services to newcomers to Canada. These initiatives help them integrate into Canadian communities. Through the Settlement Program, IRCC funds

Regular settlement programming is enhanced by initiatives that address specific community, sector and newcomer needs. A description of each initiative is provided below and a list of current projects can be found on Open Government.

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Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot

This pilot was formerly known as the Visible Minority Newcomer Women Pilot

Many newcomer women, and especially racialized women, can face barriers, including

The Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot helps racialized newcomer women in Canada overcome the many barriers they may face when entering the work force or advancing their career.

Service Delivery Improvement funding

Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) funding invests in projects that provide insights into program design and sector improvements to collect information to support future settlement programming.

Learn more about SDI initiatives.

Official Languages Action Plan 2018–2023 – Francophone integration pathway

The Official Languages Action Plan (OLAP) helps newcomers

The Francophone integration pathway supports OLAP from pre-arrival to citizenship.

Pre-arrival settlement services

Pre-arrival settlement services provide selected permanent residents, including refugees, with accurate, relevant information and support so that they can make better decisions and start the settlement process before they arrive in Canada. This includes helping them prepare for employment while still abroad and arrive more equipped to integrate into Canadian society.

Pre-arrival services help permanent residents navigate through their transition from pre-departure to in-Canada resettlement (for refugees), and find settlement supports and services.

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