Permanent resident card (PR card) - R53, R308, A31

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

Fees: A fee of $50 is payable for processing an application for the renewal of a PR card or for the replacement of a lost, stolen or destroyed card made under R53(1)(b).

Completion of the PR Card Application Kit and payment of the cost recovery processing fee of $50 will initiate processing in Canada.

No fee is payable for the replacement of a permanent residence card due to an error on the part of CIC.

Exemptions: No fee exemptions have been identified for this service.

For the purposes of A31(1), the document indicating the status of a permanent resident is a PR card. These cards are provided or issued in Canada only.

The PR cards are optional for pre-IRPA permanent residents who do not intend to travel.

However, effective December 31, 2003, the card has been required for the re-entry of permanent residents into Canada after international travel when using any commercial transportation.

Although IRPA does not require permanent residents to use their PR card for identification purposes within Canada, clients may choose to show their PR card when seeking a service from an agency that requires proof of their status.

Clients who acquire permanent resident status under IRPA

Clients who acquire permanent resident status under IRPA have the fee for the PR card included in their overall application fee and need pay no further fees for the service. However, once the client has acquired permanent resident status, they must provide a mailing address in Canada within 180 days of the date on which permanent resident status was acquired. Should they fail to do so, the client will have to apply again and pay the $50 fee to obtain a PR card. [R58(3)]

Persons who were landed under previous legislation

Persons who were landed under previous legislation may also apply for a PR card as a status document to facilitate their return to Canada from overseas travel. In their case, a fee of $50 will be recovered to cover the cost of processing the PR card application.

Renewing a PR card

Similar to the practice with Canadian passports, the PR card has an expiry date and, in most cases, must be renewed every five years if the holder wishes to travel abroad by commercial carrier. In some cases, a PR card might be issued for one year only.

Note: A PRC that has been damaged beyond use is considered destroyed.

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