Roles and responsibilities of offices processing in Canada applications for permanent residence

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

Most applications for in-Canada processing for permanent residence are submitted to a Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Canada. The office processing the application is responsible for reviewing the application and making a determination on whether the principal applicant and dependents meet the required program eligibility criteria and is not inadmissible. In order to render a decision on the application, this may require that the processing office refer an overseas dependent to an overseas migration office for processing.

H&C applications are an exception and are processed entirely in Canada by Humanitarian Migration (HM) offices. HM offices do not refer non-accompanying overseas dependants to the overseas migration office for examination. Assessments are initiated and completed in Canada.

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Referring overseas dependents to the overseas migration office

In order to ensure that resources are focused on applications which require the most attention after assessing the application of the principle applicant and dependents for eligibility, the CPC or in Canada IRCC may request that the overseas migration office conduct an assessment of the overseas dependents if:

If processing at an overseas migration office is required the CPC or the in Canada IRCC will notify the appropriate overseas migration office with details of all eligible family members to be processed for each case by creating a verification activity in the Global Case Management System (GCMS) and assigning it to the responsible overseas migration office.

The application of the principal applicant in Canada cannot be finalized without the results of the processing of any family members residing abroad except for protected persons.

Role and responsibilities of the CPC

Most in-Canada applications for permanent residence, including sponsorship applications, are submitted to a CPC in Canada. Applications for certain smaller programs are received by the Domestic Network. All applicable processing fees are also submitted with the application, although, in some instances, the principal applicant may choose to pay the right of permanent residence fee (RPRF) at a later date, or, in exceptional circumstances, to have family members pay their RPRF through the overseas migration office. The CPC will:

Role and responsibilities of the in Canada IRCC office

When an application has been transferred to a local in Canada IRCC for additional processing or an interview the local IRCC will:

Role and responsibilities of the overseas migration office

When the overseas migration office receives an application from the CPC or an in Canada IRCC for concurrent processing for any family members who are to be assessed abroad for eligibility and admissibility, it will do the following:

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