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This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

Immigration Loans Program

Legislative authority Topic and section
Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

Part 18, Loans

  • Definition of beneficiary: R288
  • Types of loans: R289
  • Maximum amount: R290
  • Repayment: R291
  • Deferred payment: R292
  • Rate of Interest: R293

Part 19, Fees

  • Interpretation: R294
  • Right of Permanent Residence: R303(1)

A88, R2 and R288 to R293 set out the terms and conditions for immigration loans. These sections are paraphrased on the reverse-side of the IMM 0500E, IMM 0501B and IMM 5355B forms.

Use of representatives

For information about Offence Refer to
Immigration Citizenship
Inadmissibility Misrepresentation A 40 22(1)(e.1)and (e.2) / A29.2
Non-compliance with Act A41 N/A
Representation or Advice N/A A 91(1) A21.1(1)
Persons who may represent or advise N/A A 91(2) A21.1(2)
Students at Law N/A A 91(3) A21.1(3)
Agreement or arrangement with Her Majesty N/A A 91(4) A21.1(4)
Designation by the Minister N/A A 91(5) A21.1(5)
Penalties N/A A 91(9) N/A
General Offences Contravention of Act A124(1) N/A
Counselling misrepresentation A126 A29.2(1)
Misrepresentation A127(a), A127(b) A29.2(2)(a), (b) and (c)
Penalties A128 A29.1 / A29.2(3)
Applications N/A R10 A13 / A28 / Citizenship Regulations No.2
Form and content of application R10(1) A13 / A28 / Citizenship Regulations No.2
Required information R10(2) A13 / Citizenship Regulations No.2
Return of an application N/A R12 A13 / Citizenship Regulations No.2

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