Response to inquiries (migration offices): Clients and representatives

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

The responsibility for responding to inquiries or representations varies depending on the issue. Listed below are the various categories of inquiries or representations, as well as the contact information for the individual or office responsible.

Categories of inquiries or representations and contact information for the individual or office responsible
Category of inquiry or representation Contact
Individual case inquiries related to the decision or decision-making process

Migration office email address

If there is no reply after 30 days, or if there is a disagreement with the reply, you may contact Case Management Branch (CMB) by email at

Local office procedures

Migration office email address

If there is no reply after 30 days, you may contact a migration program manager via the migration office email address.

Quality of service complaints or situations involving possible professional misconduct or malfeasance

Migration program manager by email

Email address format:

Complaints from applicants related to biometric information collection and processing

Migration program manager via the migration office email address

Note: This category is for complaints from applicants alleging that their biographical data was matched against the fingerprints of a different applicant (mistaken identity) or alleging that their fingerprints were erroneously matched against an existing record in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s databank (false positives).

For complaints about quality of service related to biometric collection, consult the section on quality of service complaints above.

For complaints about the biometric requirement or general biometric procedures, consult the section on general procedures below.

General procedures, procedural consistency between offices, operational policy, global processing times and levels
  • Director, Strategic Planning and Delivery, International Network (IN)
  • Immigration Program Guidance Branch (IPGB)
Immigration (selection) policy

Write to the appropriate director within the IPGB:

  • Family class: Director, Social Policy and Programs
  • Skilled workers, provincial nominees, students and temporary workers: Director, Economic Policy and Programs
  • Business class: Director, Business Immigration
  • Ministerial instructions and levels: Director, Horizontal Immigration Policy

Procedures for migration offices

At this time, all migration offices are equipped to receive enquiries via email, including case-specific enquiries. The protocol encourages migration offices to respond to emails via email, but allows migration program managers the flexibility to use operationally feasible and efficient channels for responding (whether this is email, fax, letter or other means) depending on the local environment and conditions.

The protocol requires that migration offices

Email enquirers must therefore state

They must also provide, as a minimum, the applicant’s

Migration offices must also

Enquiries and representation to migration offices should be sent to the generic migration office mailboxes. You may indicate that it is for the attention of migration program managers (“Attention of”). Enquiries or representation should be sent either by email or by fax/mail, not both.

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