Study permit holder who completed studies [R186(w)]: Authorization to work without a work permit – International Mobility Program (IMP)

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

Note: Extension of Distance learning while outside Canada, Reduced facilitation measures.

The Reduced facilitation measures have been extended until August 31, 2024.

As per paragraph 186(w) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR), graduates who apply for a work permit in any category before the expiry of their study permit are eligible to work full time without a work permit while waiting for a decision on their work permit application if all of the following apply:

Applicants remain eligible to work full time without a work permit while waiting for a decision on their application even after leaving and re-entering Canada.

Interim proof of work – Acknowledgement of receipt

When the Global Case Management System (GCMS) receives an online work permit application, it automatically sends a generic temporary resident acknowledgement of receipt (TR Acknowledgement of Receipt). As of February 2021, after the acknowledgement, GCMS then validates a specific set of rules, and if all rules exist, it automatically sends a second letter (IMM 0127 E – WP-EXT for post-graduation work permit [PGWP]) authorizing work under paragraph R186(w).

Letter validity

Officers should understand that the validity date of the letter in no way overrides the authority of paragraph R186(w), which allows foreign nationals who meet the requirements to continue working until a final decision is made on their work permit application.

The letter has a 180-day validity from the date of receipt, which is within IRCC’s service standard for in-Canada applications. Historically, IRCC meets its service standard more than 90% of the time; therefore, only a few applicants will require a new letter. Most should receive a decision before the 180 days have passed.

If the 180 days have passed and no decision has been rendered

In cases where the 180 days have passed and no decision has been rendered, the applicant may request continued proof of authorization to work using the IRCC web form.

Client Support Centre (CSC) agents can follow their standard procedures to respond.

Requests for supporting documents that may place the processing time beyond 180 days

If the letter (IMM 0127 E – WP-EXT for PGWP) was previously sent (exists in "Outgoing Correspondence" view tab) and the processing officer determines that further documentation is required, they should select “Other” and add the following text in the Item Requested section:

Your authorization to work is continued under paragraph R186(w) for an additional 180 days from the date of this letter or until a final decision is made, whichever comes first.

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