Program delivery update: International Experience Canada – July 10, 2018  

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

Four program delivery instructions (PDIs) on the International Experience Canada (IEC) program have been updated.

The updates to the PDIs are summarized as follows:

Bilateral agreements and arrangements

  • Austria: Working Holiday category added.
  • Chile: Frequency of participation changed to 2 participations. Repeat category is permitted to participants from Chile (under the 3 categories) instead of 1 participation.
  • Czech Republic: A note has been added for Czech nationals applying under International Co-op (Internship).
  • Japan: Residence requirements for Japanese candidates corrected.
  • Netherlands: Residence requirements for applicants under the 2 categories corrected.
  • Sweden: Residence requirements for applicants under the 2 categories corrected.

International Experience Canada: Overview

The PDI has been clarified. For example, migration offices abroad are responsible for processing all applications from foreign nationals who require a temporary resident visa.

Participation eligibility requirements

  • Citizenship and residency:
    • Clarification made on how candidates can determine residency.
  • Age requirements:
    • Clarification made regarding age requirement for Austrian candidates.
    • A note added to provide guidance on age requirement for foreign nationals who apply through recognized organizations.
  • Previous participation or discontinuous stay:
    • Clarification made regarding the policy on repeat participation for foreign nationals who apply through recognized organizations
  • Applicant not accompanied by dependants:
    • A note added about the process for obtaining a spousal open work permit, if the IEC participant holds an open work permit.
  • Medical examination:
    • Two bullets added to provide general guidance on who is required to have an immigration medical examination.
  • Police certificate:
    • Clarification made that the 6-month period must be consecutive and not cumulative.

Recognized organizations for foreign youth

  • Repeat participation:
    • Guidance added that the 2 participations using services of recognized organizations are cumulative between all present, past or future recognized organizations.
    • Clarification of the rule that applies to applicants who are from 1 of IEC’s 33 bilateral countries and territories and are using services of a recognized organization.

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