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1. CIC should conduct a more formal assessment of the impact of further centralization of the processes historically undertaken in missions. Specifically, this assessment should examine the risks associated with centralizing decision-making, particularly in relation to the potential of not detecting fraud.  This study should also include the identification of mitigation strategies, as required. CIC agrees with this finding.  However, it is equally important to ensure that the benefits and efficiencies gained through centralization are leveraged along with the modernization of systems and processes (i.e. distributing application processing based on level of risk).
  • Finalize the report on the network-wide QA exercise of MI2 undertaken in 2011 to help identify areas for further improvement and to better manage the risks associated with centralization.
OMC Mar. 31, 2012
  • Assessment of processing of CEC/PNP files in Buffalo and CPC-O (undertaken to help achieve 2011 immigration levels).
OPMB Mar. 31, 2012
  • Assessment of the centralization of PNP and QSW intake began on Dec 01, 2011 at the CIO.
OPMB Dec. 1, 2013
  • Other assessments will be conducted on additional lines of business as they are centralized.
OPMB Ongoing
  • Development of tools to support centralized case processing.
OMC Mar. 31, 2012
2. As part of its overall approach to program performance measurement, CIC should ensure that there is financial data that is sufficiently robust and detailed to support the on-going analysis, and periodic evaluation, of program costs. CIC agrees with this finding. Integrated, detailed and accurate financial data are of increasing importance to the measurement and evaluation of CIC programs.
  • A departmental Data Management Vision is currently being developed to streamline and coordinate the management of data at CIC. The Vision will comprise current and future scenarios with regard to data integrity, stewardship, governance, reporting and dissemination, infrastructure, and roles and responsibilities. Cost management has been identified as a critical element of the overall vision. Findings expected in FY 2012-13 (Quarter to be determined).
OPMB 2012
  • New Performance Measurement Strategy (PMS) guidelines will be developed to require program directors to: (1) consult with Finance for the development of the PMS; (2) receive sign-off from Finance for the completion of the PMS; and (3) receive ADM approval for the PMS as part of the Integrated Corporate Plan.
Research & Evaluation Q4 2011-12
3. The department should consider each of the following suggestions, investigate further, as required, and decide on how best to proceed.        
(i) Communications
CIC should permit and facilitate direct communications between missions and the CIO.  The implementation of a feedback loop could help to identify any systematic errors and improve decision-making.  Lessons learned through interaction with individual missions should be shared across the network.
CIC agrees with this finding.
  • The CIO has established a dedicated e-mail address to allow visa offices to communicate directly with the CIO.
CPR/IR Completed
  • The Department works cooperatively on issues of mutual concern, i.e. fraud trends, processing concerns, emerging situations to allow for the transfer of knowledge.
CPR/IR Ongoing
(ii) Electronic Application
The department should expedite the move to an e-application for the FSW Program.
CIC agrees with this finding.  GCMS has been fully implemented for Citizenship and Overseas Immigration processing.  Implementation of GCMS for in Canada Immigration processing is in process.  In July 2011, CIC introduced a 2D bar coded form for all Permanent Resident applications, including FSW applications.  CIO and missions have started to receive applications and are able to upload these applications directly to GCMS.  Use of this technology reduces the amount of time required to create applications and creates consistency in data entry.  CIC will monitor the rate of applications submitted using 2D bar coded application forms.
  • CIC is moving forward with introducing online submission of temporary resident e-applications received overseas by the end of fiscal 2012-13.
GCMS Q4 2012-13
  • Building on the 2D technology, CIC will be in a position to start accepting electronic PR applications online by the end of fiscal year 2012/2013.
GCMS Q4 2012-13
(iii) Fee Payment
The electronic application platform should facilitate fee payment through such means as PayPal, etc. Also, consideration should be given to charging a fee for processing applications that are determined to be ineligible.  This will help to cover some of the associated costs and deter applicants who know they are unlikely to be successful.
CIC agrees with this finding.  However, PWGSC/Receiver General determines which mode of payment will be acceptable to GoC.  Currently Paypal or other electronic means (from banks) are not available.
  • Receiver General is looking into expanding/changing the way it will accept e-payments, but any subsequent decision will be made by them.
Finance is lead on fee payment mechanisms in liaison with Receiver General 2013 (TBC)
  • IPRMS system to modernize fee payment to be completed in 2013 (TBC).
Finance with GCMS and IMTB 2013
  • CIC is commencing a fee review in 2012, but this item is out-of-scope of the upcoming fee review. It could be considered for future fee reviews.
Finance Ongoing
(iv) CIO Pilot Status
Given that it appears to have a continued and increasing role in processing FSW applications, the CIO should be designated a permanent operation.
CIC agrees with this finding.
  • Once this evaluation is finalized, it is anticipated that CIO will be made a permanent operation.
CPR March 2012 (anticipated)
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