CIMM – Actions Taken in Response to the 2017 CIMM Report on Consultants – June 14, 2023

Date: June 14, 2023
Department: IRCC


CIMM Ministerial Appearance on the Exploitation Scheme Targeting Certain International Students

Proposed Response:

If pressed on whether the College can regulate student recruitment:

If pressed on whether the investments have gone to the College:

Alexis Graham
Director General, Social Immigration Policy and Programs
Tel. No.: 613-796-5463

Approved by:
Marian Campbell Jarvis
Sous-ministre adjointe, Politiques stratégiques et de programmes
No de tél. : 613-437-6752


The 2017 CIMM Report

In its June 2017 report, Starting Again: Improving Government Oversight of Immigration Consultants, the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration provided recommendations for fundamental change in three main areas:

In response, the Government has been taking decisive action to protect the public from dishonest actors who are taking advantage of vulnerable people by investing $48.3M over four years and $9.8M ongoing. These investments will help to ensure that applicants have access to quality immigration and citizenship advice; that those who are providing the services operate in a professional and ethical manner; and that those who would seek to circumvent the regulatory regime are deterred from doing so.

Actions Taken – Legislative Framework

In 2019, legislative amendments were made under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Citizenship Act to double the maximum criminal fines for those providing advice or representation without authorization; and to provide regulatory authority for the establishment of an administrative penalties and consequences regime to be administered by IRCC for the purposes of ensuring compliance with the legislation.

Also in 2019, the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants Act (College Act) received Royal Assent, serving as a statutory framework for the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants to govern the profession and hold licensed consultants to high standards of professional and ethical conduct. The College opened as the regulator for consultants in November 2021.

The College is an arm’s-length institution mandated to regulate the profession in the public interest. It has strengthened tools to investigate professional misconduct and discipline its licensees, including the ability to:

With respect to unlicensed actors providing immigration advice without authorization, the College has new tools at its disposal, including the power to:

The Government also has strengthened oversight and day-to-day functioning of the College. In this vein, it:

Actions Taken – Investigations and Enforcement

The Government has enacted a number of measures in this area including:

CBSA is responsible for investigation of consultant-related offences under IRPA. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is responsible investigation of offences under the Citizenship Act. IRCC does not have a role in enforcement, it is under the purview of Public Safety Canada.

Actions Taken –Communicating with Applicants and Potential Applicants

New investments stemming from Budget 2019 have provided IRCC with resources for public education activities and targeted outreach, including to diaspora communities in Canada. Five dedicated outreach positions have been established internationally to ensure that information is disseminated within those countries regarding the legal requirement to use an authorized representative if using the services of a third party, and the consequences of using an unauthorized representative or “ghost” actor. The positions are located in: Bogota, Colombia; Lagos, Nigeria; Abu Dhabi, UAE; New Delhi, India and Beijing, China.

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