CIMM – Citizenship and Immigration – June 14, 2023

Table of content

Opening statement

  1. Minister’s Opening Statement
  2. Narrative: Concerning Reports of International Student Fraud
  3. Fact Sheet

Exploitation scheme targeting certain international students

  1. Individuals Impacted by the LOA Fraud Linked to Unscrupulous Agents
  2. IRCC Detection and Investigation of the Student Fraud Cases
  3. International Students
  4. International Students Data Dashboard
  5. Preventing Bad Actors in the International Student Program
  6. International Student Compliance Regime
  7. Letter of Acceptance Verification Pilot
  8. International Students – Establishment of a Task Force
  9. Actions Taken in Response to the 2017 CIMM Report on Consultants
  10. Undocumented Migrants
  11. Q & A in Response to the Letter
  12. Media Analysis

Other departmental issues

  1. Inventories and Processing Times by Line of Business

Reference material

  1. CIMM Intelligence Dashboard
  2. Recent Media Announcements

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