CIMM – Individuals Impacted By The Loa Fraud Linked To Unscrupulous Agents – June 14, 2023

Department: IRCC


There have been ongoing media reports on a certain number of individuals who were issued study permits based on fraudulent letters of acceptance, and who are now being investigated with a possible outcome of being removed from Canada. IRCC takes such issues seriously and is committed to reviewing fraud allegations fairly while also being committed to ensure program integrity.

Proposed Response:

If Pressed on Fraud Detection Measures:

If Pressed on Protecting Students

Elizabeth Snow
Director General, Integrity Risk Management
Tel. No.: 343-571-4576
Cell. No.:

Approved by:
Michèle Kingsley
Assistant Deputy Minister, Operations
Tel. No.: 343-543-1666


Media Reports About Students From India Subject to Removal Orders and Fraud Concerns

Status of CBSA Cases

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