CIMM - Citizenship and Immigration - Nov 25, 2020

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Table of Contents

Minister’s Opening Remarks

Main Estimates, Supplementary Estimates B, Levels Plan

  1. Summary of 2020-2021 Main Estimates
  2. Summary of 2020-2021 Supplementary Estimates (B)
  3. 2021-2023 Multi-Year Levels Plan

Key Departmental Issues


  1. Impact on Processing
  2. Innovations in Lines of Business
  3. Continued Operations in Economic Streams
  4. IRCC's Reintegration Planning
  5. Facilitative Measures, Policies and Programs

Border Restrictions

  1. Travel Restrictions and Exemptions
  2. Family Reunification and compassionate exemptions
  3. International Students
  4. Interim Housing Assistance Program
  5. Asylum Claimants and Border Restrictions (including STCA)
  6. Asylum seekers working on the front lines

Temporary Foreign Workers

  1. Processing, Volumes and Backlogs
  2. Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program


  1. Immigration and Citizenship Consultants
  2. Settlement Services
  3. Resettlement Processing and Services
  4. Francophone Immigration Outside Quebec
  5. Citizenship
  6. Hong Kong
  7. IRCC’s Call Centres
  8. Pilots Overview
  9. Operations at the Immigration and Refugee Board
  10. Passport and Travel Document Services
  11. Digital Platform Modernization
  12. Security Screening and Admissibility
  13. Quebec Immigration

Reference Materials

  1. Parliamentary Context
  2. Member Biographies
  3. Correspondence from Members
  4. Data Dashboard
  5. Mandate Letter Commitments
  6. Summary of IRB Supplementary Estimates (B)

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