LANG - Bill C-13, an Act to Amend the Official Languages Act – December 6, 2022

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Table of Contents

Opening statement

  1. Minister’s Opening Statement
  2. Top Issues
    1. Francophone immigration targets and forward planning
    2. Asylum temporary accommodations
    3. Closing Roxham Road
    4. Pressures on Quebec (asylum)
    5. Safe Third Country Agreement modernization
    6. Safe Third Country Agreement (litigation)
    7. French teachers
    8. Quebec levels
    9. International Students (African students)
    10. Language Tests
    11. Canadian-made French Language Tests
    12. Chinook
    13. Processing and Inventory
    14. Canada-Quebec Compensation
    15. Ministerial Centre for Members of Parliament and Senators
    16. Client Support Centre – Official Languages

Bill C-13, an Act to Amend the Official Languages Act

  1. Bill C-13 Overview
  2. Francophone Immigration Outside Quebec
  3. Settlement and Integration
  4. 2023-2025 Multi-Year Levels Plan
  5. International Students

Other Relevant Issues

  1. Canada-Quebec Accord
  2. Quebec Processing Times
  3. IRCC Services in Official Languages
  4. Centre for Innovation on Francophone Immigration
  5. Backlogs, State of Inventories, Staffing and Key Innovations
  6. Official Languages and Quebec Bill 96

Reference Material

  1. LANG Intelligence Dashboard
  2. Correspondence from Members and Immigration Critics
  3. IRCC Workforce Demographics
  4. LANG Committee Summaries
  5. Data Cheat Sheet

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