IRCC Minister Transition Binder 2021: Francophone Immigration Outside Quebec

Why Francophone Immigration Matters

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Official Languages Act

The Francophone Immigration Strategy

In 2019, the Department’s Francophone Immigration Strategy was announced with the goal of supporting the vitality of Francophone minority communities.


The Strategy focuses on five areas, each with concrete actions along the immigration continuum:






Demographic weight of Francophones outside Quebec

Francophone immigration is one of the key elements that helps to address the demographic decline of Francophones outside Quebec.

Admissions of French-Speaking Permanent Resident by Immigration Category, 2020

Source: IRCC, CDO, July 31, 2021. Data are preliminary estimates and are subject to change.

Progress on the 4.4% target by 2023

Current and anticipated admissions of French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec (2018-2023)




2021 (January – July 31)



Note: Last data point is July 31, 2021
Source: CDO admissions data

Across the immigration continuum

To support the vitality of Francophone minority communities, the Department has put in place initiatives that have yielded results

Promotional efforts in Canada and overseas supporting selection tools

Selection tools supporting recruitment of French-speaking and bilingual candidates

A consolidated Francophone Integration Pathway

Reinforced collaboration with provinces and territories

Key Takeaways

Next steps:

Annex: FPT Action Plan on Increasing Francophone Immigration Outside of Quebec


Three Integrated Strategies:

1- Championing Francophone Immigration

2- Targeted Areas for Collaboration

3- Reporting on Progress

Menu of Pan-Canadian Collaborative Actions

Desired Outcomes

Call to Action to Partners

Source: IRCC 2019:

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