IRCC Minister Transition Binder 2021: International Students


Study Permits Holders by Year in which Permit became effective, 2015 – June 2021Footnote 1
2015 219,068
2016 264,295
2017 316,867
2018 358,190
2019 401,220
2020 256,740
2021 January to June 151,850

There are three phases to the International Student Program:

  1. Study
  2. Work
  3. Stay

Scope of Impact

International Student Profile for 2021Footnote 2

Primarily from:

Destined to:

Studying at:

Pandemic Facilitation Measures at a Glance

Program Design Flexibilities

Processing Innovation

Strengthened Collaboration

Student Program: Study – Work Experience – Options to Stay

Study Phase

Current Program

Work Phase

Stay Phase


Rapid and significant growth in the International Student Program

Composition of student migration is changing and being monitored

Monitoring the impacts of the pandemic and lessons learned is ongoing

Key Takeaways

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