Interest to sponsor form for 2019 Parents and Grandparents Program available today

Ottawa, January 28, 2019— Canadians and permanent residents will be able to take the first step towards bringing their parents and grandparents to Canada when the 2019 interest to sponsor form becomes available at noon EST today. Please follow Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s social media accounts as we will advise once the form is live.

When the form becomes available on the IRCC website, potential sponsors are encouraged to complete and submit the form as quickly as possible, as IRCC will only accept 27,000 submissions on a first-in basis.

Potential sponsors are reminded that:

  • The interest to sponsor form is not an application, but a mechanism to inform IRCC you are interested in sponsoring your parents or grandparents.
  • A digital copy of your proof of status in Canada document will need to be uploaded in order to submit the 2019 interest to sponsor form. This digital copy must include both sides (front and back) of the status in Canada document, if applicable, and cannot exceed 2.5 MB. Potential sponsors should prepare this ahead of the form becoming available.
  • The onus is on potential sponsors to ensure they are eligible to sponsor before submitting an interest to sponsor form. This includes making sure that you meet the minimum necessary income requirements.
  • All duplicate submissions will be removed. If you make a mistake on your submission, please do not submit a new one. Instructions on what to do if you make a mistake on your submission can be found on IRCC’s website.
  • If you successfully submit an interest to sponsor form, you will see a confirmation screen with a confirmation number on it. Please keep this number for your records.

Once IRCC receives 27,000 submissions, the form will be taken offline. After IRCC has reviewed the submissions and removed duplicates, potential sponsors will be invited to submit a complete application in the order we received their submissions until we reach the 2019 cap of 20,000 complete applications – 4 times the number of applications accepted in 2015.

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