Be aware of an ongoing scam targeting international students

Ottawa, December 15, 2017 — International students across Canada have recently reported receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be employees of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The caller tells the student that to avoid arrest and deportation, they must obtain an immigration lawyer.

IRCC wants international students to know that these phone calls are a scam. It is important not to respond to the caller, or transfer any money to them.

In these calls, the caller identifies themselves as an IRCC officer and tells the student that there is an arrest warrant in their name. The student is advised to obtain an immigration lawyer and is told that they could face arrest or deportation if they do not.

In some cases, students have transferred thousands of dollars to these individuals under the false belief that they are obtaining an immigration lawyer.

The Government of Canada is committed to protecting immigrants and Canadians alike from this type of fraud. IRCC wants to remind everyone that if someone posing as an immigration official threatens to arrest or deport you, to suspend your account if you don’t pay money or give your personal information, or tells you that your visa or immigration status is in jeopardy, it is a scam.

IRCC will never contact you in person, online, or by telephone to collect fees or fines to avoid deportation or other consequences.

For more information on how to protect yourself against immigration scams, please visit our website. You can also find a number of helpful questions and answers on how to identify fraud and how to report it in our Help Centre.

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