How to get a police certificate – Ghana

If you need to give your fingerprints for a police certificate, this isn’t the same as giving your biometrics (fingerprints and photo) for an application.

Name of the document you need

Police Clearance Certificate

Police certificate and IRCC requirements

You must provide a police certificate when you apply for permanent residence in Canada, and for some temporary residence programs (please see the document checklist and/or visa office requirements for details).

How to apply

Apply in person at the CID Headquarters in Accra by contacting the Ghana Police. Your fingerprints will be taken when you apply. You can also appoint a representative (a friend or relative) to apply at the CID Headquarters in Accra on your behalf.

Information and documents you need

Residents (if you have lived in Ghana for 3 months or more)

  • your passport
  • a completed an application form (fingerprint check)
  • the applicable fees

Non-residents (if you lived in Ghana for 3 months or more, and no longer live in Ghana)

  • a completed application form (nominal vetting)
  • 2 passport-size photographs with a white background (if you apply through a representative, you only need 1 photo)
  • the data page of your passport
  • your parents’ full names
  • your complete current address and telephone number
  • the name of the last school you attended
  • your fingerprints are requested, to be taken by a competent police officer or security authority
  • the applicable fees

Special considerations

Certificates are only available to people who have lived in Ghana for 3 months or more.

Contact information

Additional information is available on the Ghana Police website.

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