Search of citizenship records: About the process

What you can search for

You can ask for a search of citizenship records to confirm a person’s citizenship and naturalization information.

  • The request can be for yourself or another person.
  • If we find the record, we’ll send you a record letter that’s valid for 6 months.


Search of Citizenship Records: $75

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  You can use the record to

  • check the date a person became a Canadian citizen
  • confirm the status of a person’s Canadian citizenship to
    • an employer or
    • a government (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal or foreign)
  • renew a foreign passport (proving that a person is not a Canadian citizen)
  • learn about your ancestors or family members (genealogical research) or
  • apply for pension

  You can’t use the record to

  • prove a person’s Canadian citizenship or
  • apply for a Canadian passport

For these situations, you need to apply for a citizenship certificate.

You can also check other documents that can prove your Canadian citizenship.

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