Apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate: About the process

Special measures for Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Iran

If you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident currently in Iran, you can apply for the following documents for free:

  • Canadian passport
  • Canadian citizenship certificate
  • permanent resident travel document

Learn more about the special measures.

You can now choose to receive an electronic certificate (e-certificate) or a paper certificate. Choose the certificate type you want in your

Learn more about the e-certificate

A citizenship certificate is a document that proves your Canadian citizenship.

  • You can use it to access various services and benefits, such as a pension, or apply for a passport.
  • The certificate is not a travel document.
Exception: Children 15 and under don’t need a passport to enter the United States or return to Canada by land or sea.

Documents children 15 and under can use instead of a passport:

  • original or copy of their birth certificate
    • It should be issued by the vital statistics department from the province or territory where they were born.
  • original Canadian citizenship certificate
  • Canadian citizenship card

When they turn 16, they need a passport if they’re going to enter the US.

Learn more about travelling to the US from Canada.

Learn more about the citizenship certificate

We stopped issuing citizenship cards

We no longer give out citizenship cards – archived or the commemorative certificates that came with them. If you apply to update or replace your citizenship card, we will send you a citizenship certificate.


Proof of citizenship (citizenship certificate): $75

Updating the certificate with your reclaimed Indigenous name:
$0 (until May 30, 2026)

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Applications outside Canada and the United States may take longer.

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