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Population (2010 estimate): [i]


Motto on Licence Plate:

Beautiful British Columbia

Flag: [ii]

Royal Warrant of King Edward VII, March 31, 1906, assigning arms and banner flag, adopted by Order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, June 27, 1960

Flag of British Columbia

Arms: [iii]

Royal Warrant of King Edward VII, March 31, 1906
Gazetted, June 2, 1906
Crest and supporters assumed by Province later granted by Royal Warrant of Queen Elizabeth II, October 15, 1987
Gazetted, December 5, 1987

Coat of Arms for British Columbia

Date Entered Confederation: [iv]

British Columbia entered Confederation on July 20, 1871. Some colonists viewed it with a sense of reluctance and loss. Senior officials lamented the demise of the colony’s old political institutions, and the fact that the province would take orders from Ottawa. On the other hand, there were many who viewed Confederation as a new beginning, and a way out of an economic depression.


Dogwood Tree

In British Columbia, the flower of the dogwood tree (Cornus nuttalli) became the official floral emblem in 1956. The columbine had also been suggested.

Picture of dogwood tree flower


Steller’s Jay

Steller’s jay (Cyanacitta stelleri) can be found throughout British Columbia. It was adopted as the province’s official bird on December 17, 1987, based on the results of a province-wide vote.

Picture of steller's jay


Western Red Cedar

The western red cedar (Thuja plicata donn), which British Columbia adopted as its official tree on February 18, 1988, plays a key role in the traditions and lore of West Coast native populations. The tree is also a major industrial resource for the province.

Picture of western red cedar tree


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