Pin the Symbol on the Province or Territory

Lesson intended for Grades 3 through 6

What the students will learn: Students will have an opportunity to learn about the map of Canada, the Canadian provinces and territories, and corresponding symbols, and flags. All of this will be taught in a fun and interactive way that will challenge the students on both an educational and a creative level.

Approximate allotted class time: 3 hours

  • Explanation to class and distribution of materials {½ hour}
  • Colour, cut and glue {½ hour}
  • Place the provinces and territories {½ hour}
  • Presentation of province and territory fact sheets {1½ hours}

Non-downloadable materials required: 4 poster boards, clear tape, various colouring supplies (preferably washable markers), glue stick (one per group), scissors (two pairs per group) and maps of Canada for the colouring stage (the same can be used for the assembly stage).

Downloadable materials: Download the PDF files found below. Each one contains a fact sheet and the outlines for each of the province and territory.

Preparation before the lesson

  • Tape the 4 poster boards together to form one big board.
  • Distribute appropriate colours to the students so that each of the provinces or territories is given a different colour.

Lesson description

  • Separate the class into groups of 2 students (for smaller classes, each student can take one province or territory)
  • Hand out the packages containing the outlines and the fact sheets (which you can download from the IRCC website) to the groups.
  • Have your students colour and cut out the province or territory (they must use different pre-assigned colours for each province/territory). They should then cut out the symbols found on the fact sheets.
  • Once this is done, the class will assemble all the provinces and territories on the large poster board (poster boards should be assembled before the class begins).
  • The next step will educate the students about the provinces and territories. Each group will take a 2 to 5-minute turn presenting their assigned province or territory in front of the class. While one student is reading the information found in the fact sheet to the class, the other student should be pinning their symbols on the map. If the province space is too small to pin/tape the symbols directly on the provincial or territorial outline, the student should pin/tape it in the surrounding area.
  • Once all the presentations have been made, the class will be left with a colourful and symbolically-accurate map of Canada that can be proudly displayed in the classroom.

Provincial and Territorial Fact Sheets:

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