Yukon Territory (YT) - Facts, Flags and Symbols



Population (2010 estimate): [i]


Motto on Licence Plate:

The Klondike

Flag: [ii]

Ordinance of the Territorial Council assented to, December 1, 1967

Flag of Yukon Territory

Arms: [iii]

Approved by Queen Elizabeth II, February 24, 1956

Coat of Arms for Yukon Territory

Date Entered Confederation: [iv]

Yukon experienced rapid population growth in the 19th century due to the gold rush. This, among other factors, made the people living in Yukon realize that they needed more governmental representation. As a result, Canada passed the Yukon Act in 1898, designating Yukon as a separate territory within Confederation.



The floral emblem of Yukon is the magenta-purple fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium), which by late July covers the hills and roadsides.

Picture of fireweed flower


Common Raven

Yukon adopted the common raven (Corvus corax) as its official bird in October 1986. The raven, sometimes referred to as the crow, is found throughout Yukon. It is a very intelligent bird, and it has been known to open boxes, use tools and communicate with other animals.

Picture of common raven


Sub-Alpine Fir

The sub-alpine fir (Abies lasiocarpa) is found in most areas of Yukon. The territory adopted the bird as its symbol in 2001, in part because of its fame among the territory’s Aboriginal people for its healing powers. They would boil the needles to make a cold-fighting tea rich in vitamin C and use the sap to treat lung ailments.

Picture of sub-alpine fir tree


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Outline map of Yukon Territory


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