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Before you apply for permanent residence, you should gather all the documents you need. Your application may be delayed if you’re missing anything. You can find a full list of the documents you need to submit in your document checklist.

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Language test

You must provide a copy of your language test results that shows you have a level 5 score in all 4 skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) on 1 of the following scales:

If you haven’t already completed a language test, make sure you book one early. It takes time to book the test and get your results.

Intent to live in a province or territory other than Quebec

If you currently live in Quebec, you must prove that you intend to live in a province or territory other than Quebec.

To prove this, you can provide one or more of the following:

Post-secondary education (stream A only)

You must provide

They must show that you graduated from a designated learning institution in Canada in the last 3 years

If you have a diploma or certificate from a graduate or post-graduate program, you must also include both of the following:

Canadian work experience (stream B only)

You must provide proof for each job you list in your application. This could be

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