Confirm your permanent residence from inside Canada

If you’re inside Canada and we approve your permanent residence (PR) application, we’ll send you 2 emails:

  1. The first email will ask you to respond with some basic information.
  2. The second will let you know we’re ready to confirm your permanent resident (PR) status.

If you didn’t get our email, check your junk mail or spam folder to see if a message from us is there.

Which account to use

Don’t create a new portal account to confirm your PR status.

If you submitted your application using the PR Portal, you’ll use the same account to confirm your status.

If you didn’t submit your application using the PR Portal, we will

  • create an account for you
  • email you your username and temporary password

How to confirm your status

  1. Confirming you’re in Canada
    1. Sign in to the PR Portal
    2. Under Category, choose Confirmation of Permanent Residence
    3. Confirm you’re in Canada
      Declaring you’re in Canada does not mean you are a permanent resident yet.
      We can’t confirm your PR status while you’re outside Canada. If you plan to travel before receiving your electronic confirmation of permanent residence (eCOPR), contact us using the email address on your invitation message.
    4. Get your eCOPR
      Once you’ve confirmed you’re in Canada, we’ll upload your eCOPR to your portal account. This can take up to a few weeks.
  2. Provide your Canadian address
  3. Upload a photo of yourself
    You must upload a digital photo of yourself for your first PR card. Once you upload your photo, we’ll review it and accept it if it meets the requirements. This may take some time.
  4. Get your PR card

    Once your photo is approved, we’ll send your PR card to the address in Canada you gave us.

     Processing time ?

    New PR card: Error loading the number of days. Try again.

If you need help confirming your status or getting your PR card

If you can’t access the portal, always contact us using the email address shown in your invitation message.

The temporary password I got isn’t working or is lost

If this temporary password expires or is lost, we need to reset it for you. Your password expires 30 days after we create your account. If this happens, contact us at the email address in your invitation.

I didn’t get a temporary password with my invitation

Contact us by responding to the email address that sent your invitation.

It may take up to 24 hours to get your new temporary password.

I can’t reset my password

If we sent your temporary password more than 30 days ago, it’s expired. Contact us by responding to the email address that sent your invitation, and we will reset it for you.

You can’t reset your password until you sign in for the first time.

I want to use an immigration representative

An immigration representative (also known as an immigration consultant or lawyer) can give you advice and help you with the portal for a fee. But they can’t

  • sign into the portal using your username and password
  • declare that you’re in Canada for you

What kind of photo can I use for my first PR card?

Your photo must be

  •  clear, sharp and in focus
  •  taken with a neutral facial expression (eyes open and clearly visible, mouth closed, no smiling)
  •  taken with uniform lighting, without shadows, glares or flash reflections
  •  taken straight on, with face and shoulders centred and squared to the camera
  •  taken in front of a plain white background with a clear difference between your face and the background
    • Photos must represent your natural skin tones.
  •  reflective of your current appearance (taken within the last 12 months)
  •  in a JPEG or PNG format
  •  between 715 × 1000 and 2000 × 2800 pixels
  •  no larger than 4MB
  •  taken by a professional photographer
  •  an original photo that is not altered in any way or taken from an existing photo
    What is an altered photo?

    An altered photo means any photo that has been edited or changed in any way. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • adjusting colour, brightness, contrast and sharpness
    • cropping around the subject’s head and shoulders (cutting and pasting the subject against a white background)
    • editing of the facial features (changing size or shape of eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc.)
    • editing to improve the appearance of the subject:
      • removing wrinkles, blemishes, birthmarks
      • changing hair colour
      • removing red-eye
      • removing glare, etc.
    • changing the background (removing shadows, etc.)
    • editing the subject’s clothing (changing colours, etc.)

How do I upload a photo in the portal?

  1. Under Category, choose Confirmation of Permanent Residence and select your case.
  2. Scroll down to Step 2: Documents required.
  3. Under Photo, click the Add/Edit button.
  4. Read the requirements.
  5. Scroll down to Type of Photo, and select the option that best fits your photo.
  6. Click the Add photo button.
  7. Select the photo from your computer.
  8. Follow the directions in the photo editor window to position and crop your photo.
    1. Click the Apply button to validate your photo.
    2. Your photo will show in black and white.
    3. You can edit and replace your photo with another photo up until the moment you submit it.
    4. You don’t have to delete the previous photo to upload a new one (it automatically replaces the previous photo).
  9. Check the Declaration box, and click Next to upload your photo.
  10. If you get a warning message that your photo doesn’t meet the requirements, but you want to submit it anyway, also check the Acknowledgement box, and click Next to continue.
  11. Click Submit documents.
    1. Once you do this, your photo can’t be changed.

Why did my photo get returned?

If we return your photo, you can submit a new one in the portal. Make sure the new photo meets all the requirements before you upload it.

We may return your photo if

  •  It’s too dark.
  •  The background is not white.
  •  Your facial features are not visible.
  •  There is a glare on the photo.
  •  The measurements are not between 715 × 1000 and 2000 × 2800 pixels.
  •  The file size is above 4 MB.
  •  It does not meet the photo requirements.

Can I leave the country before getting my PR card?

You must physically be in Canada to confirm your permanent resident status. If you travel outside Canada, you need to show your valid PR card to return to Canada by plane, train, bus or boat.

If you need to leave Canada and you haven’t received your PR card, you need to apply for a permanent resident travel document to return to Canada.

I’m having technical issues trying to open my electronic confirmation of permanent residence (e-COPR).

Make sure you have the most recent version of the software you use (like Adobe Reader, Chrome or Edge).

If you’re having issues with Adobe Reader, you can

  1. Click on the Edit menu.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Accessibility.
  4. Ensure “Replace Document Colors” is not checked.
  5. Close Adobe Reader and try opening the document again.

There’s incorrect information on my e-COPR. What should I do?

You need to request to amend information contained in the COPR.

Privacy disclaimer

Our system briefly needs access to your photo library so you can select the photo you want to upload to the portal. This access won’t give us the ability to go through your photo library or to access it for any other purpose.

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