Permanent resident travel document: How to apply

You can now apply for a permanent resident travel document online.

To apply for a permanent resident travel document (PRTD)

  • you must submit a complete application for each person in your family who needs one
  • each application must show that the person meets the requirements to remain a permanent resident
    • For example, you can’t have a removal order to leave Canada.

If your application is missing information or documents, we’ll return it to you.

How to apply

Follow the steps below to submit your application:

1. Get the application package

The application package includes the instruction guide and all the forms you need to fill out.

  1. Read the instruction guide

    Our instruction guide [IMM 5529] (opens in a new tab) has detailed information on how to prepare, complete and submit your application.

  2. Prepare your forms and documents

    You need to provide all of the documents in the document checklist and complete the application form.

2. Pay your fees online

You need to pay the $50 fee when you apply.

  • Make sure you include your receipt (proof of payment) with your application.
  • We can’t refund the fee once we start processing your application.

Pay your fees online

3. Submit your application and supporting documents

If you apply online

When applying online, submit your application and all supporting documents through the permanent residence portal.

If you apply on paper

You may be able to apply on paper if your nearest visa application centre (VAC) accepts paper applications by mail or in person.

Before you apply, contact your nearest VAC.

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