Start your life in Canada

Learn about living in Canada. Find newcomer services, a place to live, work, how to enrol in school, get a driver’s licence, get health care or improve your language skills.


Services and information

Find a place to live

Temporary housing, types of housing, renting and buying a home, basic services and furnishing your home

Look for a job in Canada

How to search and apply for jobs, bridging programs (volunteering, mentorship or internship) and Canadian workplace culture

Get your credentials assessed

Educational credential assessments, regulated and non-regulated jobs and where to get assessed

Learn about education in Canada

How the Canadian school system works, types of schools, classrooms, registering your children, adjusting to school, adult education and post-secondary schools

Learn about health care in Canada

About our health care system, health insurance, health cards, and coverage for protected people and refugees

Find help for newcomer youth

Find programs and services for newcomer youth, including help with well-being, school, finding a job and support for parents of young children

Improve your English and French

Improve your language skills, register for language classes and tests

Connect with people in your community

How to get involved with immigrant-serving organizations, volunteering, community centres and connect with other groups

Get a driver's licence

Which driving licence you need, car insurance, exams and driving lessons, driving laws and rules

Living in Canada

Weather, laws, human rights, provinces and territories, your rights and duties in Canada

Learn how money works in Canada

Understand Canadian currency, taxation, banking, exchanging foreign money, and learn about the cost of living and the support available for children and seniors


Get help before arriving to Canada

Get in-person and online services to help you better prepare and adjust to life in Canada

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