#WelcomeRefugees: The first 25,000 – Phase 4

Welcoming in Canada

When they got to Canada, Border Services Officers (BSOs) welcomed the Syrian refugees and processed them for admission into Canada.

IRCC, with help from the Canadian Red Cross, set up dedicated Welcome Centres at the Montreal and Toronto airports. Refugees were provided with warm clothing, snacks and beverages. They were able to rest there comfortably while they were being processed.

All refugees were screened for signs of illness. Then refugees who came to Canada as privately sponsored refugees continued directly to the community where their private sponsor was located.

Significant work was done to ensure communities across the country were ready to welcome government-assisted Syrian refugees. These refugees were matched with communities where there were already settlement supports in place.

It was also considered whether they have family members in Canada, as well as the availability of schools, housing, language training, etc.

After arriving, most government-assisted refugees continued on to their new home communities across Canada. Some government-assisted refugees whose final destination was not yet determined, stayed temporarily in hotels until they could be moved to their new communities across Canada.

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