Phase 5 – Settlement and community integration

As with all government-assisted refugees, either the Government of Canada or the province of Quebec provided support, depending on if they resettled in Quebec.

The amount of support the OSR refugees got aligned with provincial social assistance rates. Most of the time, it lasted for 12 months or until they were self-sufficient, whichever came first. Support covered items like:

  • clothing
  • basic household needs
  • staples
  • linen
  • furniture
  • winter coats
  • boots
  • food
  • shelter

During their first weeks Canada, Syrians, like all resettled refugees, needed help with immediate and essential services like:

  • getting a social insurance card
  • opening a bank account
  • learning how to use public transportation

We have a program called the Resettlement Assistance Program that helps refugees with these tasks.

Privately sponsored Syrian refugees went to live in their sponsors’ communities. They received similar support from their sponsor.

Syrian refugees also received medical coverage under the Interim Federal Health Program.

Like all permanent residents, Syrian refugees also had access to our regular settlement services, like:

  • language training
  • help finding a job
  • community support

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