Permanent residence for extended family of former language and cultural advisors: Get your documents ready

Before you start your application, make sure you have all the documents you need. We may return your application to you if you’re missing anything.

You can find a full list of the forms you need in the document checklist [IMM 0187] (PDF, 360 KB). Use it to make sure you include all the forms and documents you need with your application.

Don’t submit original documents unless we ask you to. We won’t return the documents you send us. Make copies of everything before you submit your application.

Proof your extended family member, the former language and cultural advisor, worked with DND

We must be able confirm the employment of the former LCA (your family member who is currently in Canada) with the Department of National Defense (DND) to further process your application.

The former LCA should provide as many supporting documents as they can. This could include:

If we’re not able to confirm the former LCA’s employment with DND, your application will be refused.

Proof to support your family relationship to the former language and cultural advisor

To prove your relationship to your extended family member in Canada (the former LCA) you must

If you can’t get a document, or if any are missing, provide both

Proof the former language and cultural advisor lives in Canada

You must submit a statutory declaration [IMM 0186] (PDF, 275 KB) your family member (the former LCA) completed, dated and signed.

Passport or travel documents

You and any eligible family members coming with you must have either:

Identity documents

You must provide copies of these documents for you and your family members

If you include your children in your application

You must provide copies of any of these that apply

Documents about your marriage or common-law partnership

You must provide any of these that apply

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