Special Immigration Measures Program for Afghans who assisted the Government of Canada

Don’t become a victim of fraud

There’s no fee to be considered for this special program, and there are no agents or consultants acting on our behalf. Only Global Affairs Canada or the Canadian Armed Forces can confirm ties with the Government of Canada. Learn more about avoiding fraud for this program (also available in Pashto and Dari).

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Who can apply

The Special Immigration Measures Program aims to resettle 18,000 people.

To be eligible, you must meet all the requirements below:

  • you’re an Afghan national
  • your employment involved a significant and/or enduring relationship with the Government of Canada, which could be, but is not limited to
    • interpreters who worked with the Canadian Armed Forces
    • local staff who currently or used to work at the Embassy of Canada to Afghanistan
  • you or your eligible family members were in Afghanistan on or after July 22, 2021 (the date this special program started).
    • if you left Afghanistan before July 22, 2021, you aren’t eligible for this program
  • you’re not inadmissible to Canada

You don’t need to currently be in Afghanistan to be eligible for this program.

You don’t need to return to Afghanistan to finalize your application, provide biometrics or get a medical exam.

You must be invited to apply to submit an application.

  • Expressing an interest in the program or sending an email to us is not an application.
  • The invitation to apply comes directly from IRCC.
  • It gives instructions on how to complete and submit the application form and documents for you and your eligible family members.

If you aren’t invited, you should

If you’re in Afghanistan and plan to leave

The Government of Canada remains firm in its commitment to welcome Afghan refugees to Canada.

If you plan to leave Afghanistan, you must check and follow the travel requirements of the country you plan to enter or travel through. Along with your passport, you may need to get a visa to legally enter another country.

It’s important to follow the immigration laws of countries you plan to enter. If you don’t, you could

  • be detained
  • be unable to leave the country or
  • get deported back to Afghanistan

This can make it harder to get help to travel to Canada or any other country in which you plan to resettle.

اگر قصد خروج از افغانستان را دارید، لطفاً خود را از شرایط سفر به کشوری هایکه قصد دارید وارد آن شوید یا از ان کشور ها بگزرید باخبر بسازید. برعلاوه از پاسپورت، شما نیاز به اخذ ویزه دارید تا بشکل قانونی وارد یک کشور دیگر شوید.

مهم است تا از قوانین مهاجرت کشورهای که پلان دارید وارد آن شود باخبر باشید و پیروی کنید. در غیر ان، ممکن است:

  • توقیف شوید،s
  • نخواهد توانست تا ان کشور را ترک کنید یا
  • دوباره به افغانستان شما را روان خواهد کردند.

چنین یک اتفاق می تواند در قسمت دریافت کمک برای سفر به کانادا یا هر کشور دیگری را که قصد زندگی را در آن را دارید، مشکلتر میسازد.

که چېرته تاسو پلان لرئ چې له افغانستان څخه ووځئ، باید هغه هېواد ته د سفر شرایط وګورئ او وڅارئ چې غواړئ ور ننوځئ او یا سفر وکړئ. تاسو باید له خپل پاسپورټ سره ویزه ترلاسه کړئ تر څو په قانوني بڼه بل هېواد ته ننوځئ.

دا مهمه ده چې تاسو د هغو هېوادونو د کډوالۍ قوانین وڅارئ چې غواړئ ور شئ. که تاسو دا کار ونکړئ نو:

  • رد به شئ،
  • و به نکړای شئ چې هېواد پرېږدئ
  • یا بېرته افغانستان ته ستانه شئ.

دا کولای شي کاناډا یا بل هغه هېواد ته ستاسو رسېدل سخت کړي چې غواړ هلته مېشت شئ.

Eligible family members

For the Special Immigration Measures Program, only the following people are considered family members:

De facto dependants will also be eligible under this program. A de facto dependant is someone who

How to apply

If you meet the eligibility for the Special Immigration Measures Program, follow the steps below to apply. If you already applied, you don’t need to contact us again.

Step 1: Be invited to apply and submit your application

If Global Affairs Canada (GAC) or National Defence (DND) refers your case to us and there is space in this program, we’ll send you an invitation to apply. This invitation is for you and your eligible family members.

A large number of people have requested to come to Canada through this program. The Government of Canada has enough referrals to meet our goal of welcoming 18,000 Afghans through this program. The invitation to apply

The invitation will

You need to complete and sign the application forms and submit all the required documents for you and your eligible family members by the deadline in your invitation. You must still be eligible and admissible to be able to come to Canada.

Step 2: Wait for us to contact you

Once we start processing your application, you’ll get an acknowledgement of receipt letter (with your application number) by email.

You should contact us through our web form if you’re invited to apply and you move.

It’s important for us to know where you are and how to reach you throughout the process.

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