How Canadians can help #WelcomeAfghans

We continue to see an outpouring of goodwill from Canadians across the country. This enthusiastic support is key to our efforts to welcome more Afghan refugees to safety in Canada.

Since August 2021, Canadians have

Many refugees need extra help settling in Canada. Supportive communities and service provider organizations are key to helping build new lives in Canada. You can help in different ways.

Donate money

Many Afghan refugees had to leave everything behind and start over from scratch. Your donation can help with this difficult transition in different ways.

All funds are directed through service provider organizations across Canada helping to settle Afghan families.

You can choose to donate to specific

  • regions or communities
  • agencies
  • refugee families

Donate online

Find out more about how Canadians are giving generously to help Afghans

Donate goods

You can help Afghan refugees start a new life in Canada by donating goods, like clothing, furniture, and children’s items in one of these ways:

  • A Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) service provider can help you donate items.

Contact a RAP service provider

  • The Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) coordinates donations on behalf of RAP service providers who welcome Afghan refugees across Canada.

Contact the CCIS


By volunteering, you'll be involved in building communities where Afghan refugees feel welcomed and supported.

There are a few ways you can volunteer to help newly-arrived Afghan families.

  • Reach out to a Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) service provider in your area
    A local RAP service provider can tell you how you can help. These organizations help refugees:
    • find housing and jobs
    • learn English or French
    • get involved in their community
    • enroll their children in school

Contact a RAP service provider

  • Get matched with newcomers to Canada through the Canada Connects initiative
    The Canada Connects initiative matches newcomers with Canadian citizens or long-time community members to help them settle in their new community.

Find out about Canada Connects

  • Connect with the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS)
    The CCIS coordinates volunteers on behalf of RAP service providers who work together to welcome Afghan refugees across the country.

Contact the CCIS

Find out more about how Canadians across the country are volunteering their time to help welcome Afghans

If you live in Quebec

Email the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l'Intégration to find out how you can support Afghan resettlement efforts in Quebec.

Contact the MIFI

Sponsor an Afghan refugee

You can help Afghan refugees by sponsoring them to come to Canada. You can sponsor a refugee:

As a group, you can sponsor a

  • specific refugee or refugee family
  • refugee referred by a visa office abroad

Find out more about

How businesses can help

Connect with a local service provider organization to hire a newcomer or learn about other ways you can help. Encourage other employers in your community to do the same.

You can also foster a work environment that celebrates diversity and promotes cultural exchange. Activities could include:

  • organizing multicultural social events
  • supporting other community organizations that help newcomers
  • setting up a mentoring program for newcomers

Businesses can also email the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society to find out how they can help.

Contact the CCIS

Find out how businesses across Canada are doing their part to welcome Afghans to Canada.


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