Claim refugee status from in Canada: Replace your refugee protection claimant document

Whether you need to replace your refugee protection claimant document (RPCD) or not depends on if your refugee claim or pre-removal risk assessment (PRRA):

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Your application is still being reviewed

You can apply for a new RPCD if:

Follow the steps below to apply.

If you know or suspect that someone stole your RPCD, file a police report at your local police station before you apply for a replacement.

Apply for a new RPCD

You must be in Canada to

Your expired RPCD will stay valid until you get your new one.

Make sure you’re eligible to apply for a new RPCD

You should only apply to renew your RPCD if

  • it’s expired or will expire in less than 3 months
  • it’s been lost, stolen or damaged
  • there’s an error on it

Otherwise, we may not process your application.

Follow these steps to replace your RPCD:

  1. Fill out this web form.
    • Complete a separate form for each person in your family who needs a new RPCD.
    • If you’re submitting an application on behalf of your minor children, you don’t need to submit
    • For the questions below, enter:
      • What is your application number?
      • What did you apply for?
        • Choose “Refugee.”
      • What application did you submit?
        • Choose “Refugee Claim.”
      • Did we ask you to add the document(s) to your application?
        • Choose “No, I want to add the document(s) to support or complete my application.”
    • Enter in the text box:

      Keyword: REFDOC

      Reason for renewal:

      • Expiry
      • Error
      • Lost
      • Stolen
      • Damaged

      Your mailing address

      Enter the keyword REFDOC to make sure we process your request quickly.

  2. Upload a photo that meets our photo specifications if the applicant was under 18 when they made the claim.
    • We may ask for updated photos for other applicants. We’ll tell you if we need more photos.
    • If you’re uploading a photo, make sure you have entered either your refugee claim application number or unique client identifier (UCI).
  3. Complete the consent section and submit the request.

Once we get your request, we’ll

Destroy your old RPCD once you have your new one. The old RPCD will no longer be valid.

Your claim or PRRA was approved

You may not need a new RPCD if:

In those cases, you can apply for permanent residence right away without an RPCD.

Health insurance

You can apply for provincial or territorial health care coverage while we process your permanent residence application.

If your province or territory refuses your application for health coverage, you can apply for a new RPCD and use it to apply for health coverage again.

Photo specifications

Photographs must be

The maximum file size for each file is 2 MB. If a file is bigger than 2 MB, you need to reduce the size of your file. If you upload more than 1 file, the total maximum file size is 3.5 MB.

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