Hire through the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot: How to support newcomer employees

Refugees who immigrate to Canada through the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) will have access to the settlement services available to all new permanent residents to Canada.

As newcomers to Canada, they’ll have many needs and a lot to do, especially when they first arrive. While they’ll arrive in Canada as economic immigrants, some of their needs may be tied to their refugee background, including

Different economic programs will have different expectations for employers

Depending on the economic program they applied to, there will be different expectations about

  • the support newcomer employees may need, and
  • what type of help you’re required or expected to provide when they arrive

Examples of how programs may have different expectations of you, as an employer, include:

  • under the Provincial Nominee Program, some provinces or territories could require that you arrange temporary housing for newcomer employees
  • under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, some communities may require that you support newcomer employees (and their families) as they settle and integrate into the community
  • under the Atlantic Immigration Program, you’re required, as a designated employer, to work with a settlement service provider to help newcomer employees get settlement services

Settlement services available to newcomer employees

Settlement services help all newcomers to Canada settle and adjust to their new lives. Before they arrive in Canada, they’ll be connected with a local settlement services provider. Settlement services providers can

How you can support newcomer employees as they settle in Canada

Through the EMPP, skilled refugees will come to Canada as economic immigrants. Because of this, they won’t have access to the services available to privately sponsored refugees and government-assisted refugees. However, they may need extra support to settle in their new community because of their refugee background. We suggest your organization play a key role in meeting their initial needs by:

You should support newcomer employees as much as possible while they settle and integrate into their new communities.

Other ways you can support newcomer employees at work

Read our employer roadmap for more information about how to:

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