Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot

The Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) combines refugee resettlement and economic immigration. It’s a pathway that

  • helps skilled refugees immigrate to Canada through existing economic programs
  • gives employers access to a new pool of qualified candidates to fill job openings

Immigrate to Canada through the EMPP

How the pilot works for candidates

What the EMPP is and what it will offer to skilled refugees

Who is eligible

The requirements you need to meet for this pilot

How to apply

What applications you need to prepare and how to submit them

After you apply

How we process your application and getting your permanent resident status

Prepare to arrive in Canada

Information we send you and the help you can get after you arrive

Hire skilled refugees through the EMPP

How the pilot works for employers

What the EMPP does and why you should hire through it

Find a candidate and program

Find a skilled refugee and the program to hire them through

How to support newcomer employees

Learn what you should do to support the candidates you hire

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