Sponsorship agreement holder organizational assessment: About the assessment

Organizational assessment

Next assessment year: 2027

We only accept complete organizational assessment packages during the period listed.

When you apply to become a sponsorship agreement holder (SAH), we check that your organization has the capacity to support refugees after they arrive in Canada. As part of our program integrity framework, we complete organizational assessments to make sure that you maintain this capacity throughout your involvement in the program.

After we complete the assessment, you’ll get a standardized risk management plan. This plan will help reduce any operating risks we found during your assessment.

This assessment lets you show us your

  • organization structure
  • settlement and financial capacity
  • contingency plans
  • ability to
    • monitor the constituent groups and co-sponsors you work with
    • manage your caseload
    • solve potential issues

How often we do assessments

Starting in 2022, we’ll do organizational assessments every 5 years. This means the next set of organizational assessments will happen in 2027.

If you’re a new SAH

When organizations apply to become SAHs, we assess and validate them as part of the application process.

If you sign your agreement within 2 years of the next assessment date, we won’t require you to submit another assessment.

If you sign your agreement more than 2 years before the next assessment date, you must do the assessment.

How the assessment process works

The assessment process has 4 main steps.

Step 1: Find out if you’re eligible to be revalidated as a SAH

To be revalidated, you must continue to meet the SAH eligibility requirements. Before you start preparing your assessment package, you must make sure you’re eligible.

Step 2: Get ready to complete your assessment

After you check your eligibility, you will

Step 3: Prepare your assessment package

Once you’re ready to complete your assessment, you will

Step 4: After you submit your assessment package

After we get your assessment package, we’ll process it. There are 2 parts to this process:

In the revalidation exercise, we review your assessment template and documents to confirm that you’re eligible to be revalidated.

If you pass the revalidation portion of our review, we sign a new agreement with you and do an operating risk analysis. This analysis will determine the risk management plan you must follow.

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