The designated learning institution portal

The DLI portal was developed in consultation with federal, provincial and territorial, and institutional representatives, who provided valuable input on the frequency and timing of reporting as well as the design of the portal.

Information collected from the portal helps us identify students who may not be complying with their study permit conditions.

Compliance reporting is planned for twice a year (spring and fall). DLIs are asked to report on the enrolment status of their international students as of the date that the compliance reporting request is sent. DLIs have 60 days to complete and submit the compliance report.

Enrol in the DLI portal

Once a post-secondary institution has been designated by the relevant provincial or territorial authority, We will ask them to enrol in the IRCC portal for designated learning institutions (DLI portal).

Note: Post-secondary institutions located in Quebec are not asked to complete the enrolment process. Their DLI numbers are available on the DLI list.

An institution will receive their DLI number and online account for the portal once they have successfully completed the enrolment process.

The DLI enrolment guide gives step by step instructions for users to enrol in and use the DLI portal.

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