Post Living Differential – Rosemère, Quebec


Post Living Differential – Rosemère, Quebec

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A grievance brought to light that residents of the city of Rosemère have erroneously been told they were not entitled to the Post Living Differential (PLD) and many had to reimbursed amounts paid since 2008. The Committee noticed that in 2008, the Montreal Duty Area was split into five Post Living Differential Areas (PLDA). Unfortunately, there was no list of towns for each PLDA created and the map used to identify PLDA was of very poor quality. However, the Committee received confirmation that Highway 640 is the line that separates the Montreal North Shore Region (MNSR) and the Mirabel PLDA. Accordingly, the Committee was able to find that Rosemère, which is just south of Highway 640, clearly fell within the MNSR for PLD purposes.


The Committee recommended that the appropriate Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) authorities conduct a review of the files of all CAF members who lived in Rosemère, Quebec since April 2008, when the Montreal area was split into five PLDA. The aim of the review would be to ensure that all eligible members, who may have been denied PLD, or were required to repay PLD, receive the benefits to which they are entitled in accordance with the Committee’s finding that Rosemère is clearly within the MNSR PLDA.

Final Authority decision

The Chief of the Defence Staff agreed with the Committee's systemic recommendation.


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