De-linking of Rations and Quarters


De-linking of Rations and Quarters (R&Q)

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The de-linking of R&Q has been a long-standing policy issue of concern and the subject of several grievances received by the Committee.  This issue was first brought to the Committee’s attention in Committee file 2011-076, when a member grieved the denial of his request to de-link R&Q based on Royal Canadian Air Force General Messages (CANAIRGEN) 012/09 – Linking of Rations and Quarters.

In the aforementioned case, the Committee found that R&Q policies lacked criteria against which to consider de-linking requests and issued a systemic recommendation advising the initiation of an R&Q policy review.

The Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) personally adjudicated this grievance and, through his decision of 26 October 2012, asserted that the linking of R&Q should be optional unless there are exceptional circumstances that make de-linking impracticable. The CDS also directed the Chief Military Personnel (CMP) to lead the development of a new R&Q policy in consultation with other Canadian Armed Forces authorities.

In a recent case, the Committee concluded that the CMP has not properly implemented the CDS decision in file 2011-076.  Although the CMP issued new direction, MILPERSCOMGEN 2013-001 – Interim Direction for Delinking of Rations and Quarters, this interim policy actually maintained the mandatory linking of R&Q for the majority of members living in single quarters and provided very little exception.  Unfortunately, this interim direction from four years ago continues to be applied at the Base/Wing level today.

Notwithstanding CMP direction to Director General Compensation and Benefits in 2013 to develop a new de-linking policy, CMP staff has recently confirmed that this has not occurred. 


Given the ongoing absence of a current policy on de-linking R&Q that properly reflects the direction issued by the CDS in file 2011-076, there is a need for the CDS to reiterate his direction on the matter. The Committee recommended that the CDS direct that MILPERSCOMGEN 2013-001 be cancelled and replaced by a new interim direction, and subsequently a permanent R&Q policy that emphasizes the optional nature of going on rations strength and that clearly outlines the exceptional circumstances required to substantiate the mandatory linking of R&Q.

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