Naval Security Team

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) relies on various groups and units within its organization to ensure that its ships and personnel are protected, both at home in Canada and around the world.

One of those groups is the Naval Security Team (NST), which is specially trained to provide an extra layer of land and sea-based security -- called enhanced force protection -- to deployed RCN assets.

Relationship with a ship's company

When the team is sent to support to a ship’s company on deployment, it allows the crew to take much-needed leave during longer deployments or to focus on other tasks, such as maintenance.


The unit is self-sustaining and is able to operate in established or rudimentary sea ports anywhere in the world.

Some of the operations that the NST has supported since its inception in 2017 include:

In addition to providing enhanced force protection to RCN assets, team members also work with the militaries of other countries to build capacity.


Located at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, B.C., the team reports directly to the Commander Canadian Fleet Pacific.

Team members are primarily Naval Reservists, with Regular Force members rounding out the team when required. Its standing core of 20 personnel provides expertise and training, and is augmented by a variable number of additional Reservists, based on the requirements of the mission at hand.

Selected personnel train for and deploy on individual missions, and then are stood-down when the mission has been completed.

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