Kingston class

HMC Ships Saskatoon and Yellowknife

The Kingston-class Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs) are multi-role minor war vessels with a primary mission of coastal surveillance and patrol including general naval operations and exercises, search and rescue, law enforcement, resource protection and fisheries patrols.

Launched between 1995 and 1998, these ships are very flexible. Several types of mission specific payloads can be added to allow for rapid role change from one mission type to another such as a mechanical minesweeping system, a route survey system, and a bottom object inspection vehicle.


Displacement: 970 tonnes (full load)
Length: 55.3 metres
Beam: 11.3 metres
Draught: 3.4 metres
Engine: Diesel-electric: Two Jeumont DC electric motors each drive a Lips azimuthing thruster with a five bladed propeller, powered by four 600V AC alternators driven by Wartsila SCAM V12 Diesels.

The Kingston-class ship’s homeports are Esquimalt, British Columbia, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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