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Canadian Coast Guard announces acceptance of leading-edge technology and unique in North America helicopter simulator 

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The Canadian Coast Guard helps keep Canada's waters safe, clean, and more accessible to keep our economy moving. In support of these missions, the Coast Guard operates a fleet of 22 helicopters. These helicopters and pilots provide support to ships engaged in critical maritime work including aids to navigation, environmental response, icebreaking operations, and in support of search and rescue as needed.

Government of Canada completes dismantling of Cormorant vessel

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The Government of Canada is committed to removing wrecked, abandoned or hazardous vessels that pose a threat of pollution to the marine environment, impact coastal communities and pose a health and safety risk to Canadians.

Inshore Rescue Boat station in Rankin Inlet open for the season

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The safety of mariners and the protection of the marine environment are top priorities for the Canadian Coast Guard. Our Inshore Rescue Boat stations enhance our ability to respond to emergencies in Canadian waters.

Canadian Coast Guard begins 2021 Arctic Season

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The Government of Canada is committed to maritime safety, providing essential services to mariners, and ensuring the health and safety of all Canadians. The Canadian Coast Guard’s annual Arctic icebreaking season allows the safe and efficient movement of vessels and goods in northern waters, which is key to community resupply. Coast Guard’s presence in Canada’s Arctic also provides key services, including search and rescue, support for scientific research, marine communications and traffic services, aids to navigation, and marine environmental response.

Government of Canada Strengthens Partnership with Indigenous Coastal Communities to Enhance Marine Safety

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Through the Oceans Protection Plan, the largest investment ever made to protect Canada’s coasts, the Government of Canada is working in partnership with Indigenous coastal communities to improve marine safety for mariners. As part of this plan, in 2017 the Canadian Coast Guard launched the Indigenous Community Boat Volunteer Pilot Program. This program provides Indigenous communities with funding to purchase boats and equipment to build up their on-water search and rescue capabilities. These investments allow Indigenous communities to take concrete steps to strengthen their capacity as part of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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