Fact Sheet - Applying for a Record Suspension? Know the Facts…

Information from unofficial sources on the record suspension application process can be incorrect, out-of-date, and sometimes misleading.

Individuals are encouraged to deal directly with the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) when seeking information on the record suspension application process to ensure they have the most factual and up-to-date information available. This can help avoid potential delays in the processing of an application.

What you should know:

  • The PBC is the official and only federal agency responsible for processing record suspension applications and making record suspension decisions.
  • Third party service providers cannot order a record suspension. They can only submit a record suspension application to the PBC on behalf of a client. They generally charge a fee for their services. The PBC is not affiliated with any third party service providers.
  • The PBC treats all record suspension applications in the same way. Using an intermediary will not speed up the processing of your record suspension application, give it a special status, or guarantee you a record suspension. Claims that suggest this are false.
  • You can apply for a record suspension directly with the PBC. The PBC charges $50.00 to process a record suspension application. There are also additional costs associated with applying for a record suspension, which can include getting fingerprints, court documents and police checks.
  • You can get information and assistance on applying for a record suspension by contacting the PBC at 1-800-874-2652 (toll free in Canada and the U.S.)
  • You can get a PBC Record Suspension application kit by downloading an electronic copy from our website.

For more information or for assistance with your application, contact the Parole Board of Canada at:

1-800-874-2652 (toll free)

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