Official PBC Record Suspension Application Guide and Forms

Application Fee Reduction - Record Suspension (Pardon)

Important!  As of January 1, 2022, the fee to apply for a record suspension is $50.00. Find out more.

Important notice:  If you have applied or are planning to apply for a record suspension, please take note of the recent changes to eligibility and wait times. Read more.

Read the Parole Board of Canada Record Suspension Application Guide carefully before starting your application. It includes step-by-step instructions and all required forms for completing a record suspension application.

Please note that incomplete or missing information will lead to your application being returned to you and/or delay its processing.

Before you start, check your eligibility to apply for a record suspension.

The following video provides tips for avoiding common errors that can delay the processing of your application:

Application Guide


The RCMP now only accepts electronic fingerprints. Read more about changes to the fingerprinting requirements.

Application Forms (PDF)

Record Suspension – Timelines

Record suspension applications are processed according to the following timelines by the Parole Board of Canada:

  • Applications seeking a record suspension for an offence or offences tried summarily will be processed within 6 months of application acceptance.
  • Applications seeking a record suspension for an offence or offences tried by indictment will be processed within 12 months of application acceptance.
  • Applications in which the Board is proposing to refuse to order a record suspension will require up to 24 months after application acceptance to complete.

To learn about PBC’s Remission Policy, visit the Record Suspension Application Processing Fee Remission Policy page.

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