Meds Pipeline Monitor 2020

Meds Pipeline Monitor (MPM) is a horizon scanning report that features a selection of new medicines in the late stages of clinical evaluation that may have a significant impact on future clinical practice and drug spending in Canada.

Medicines in Phase III clinical trials or pre-registration are considered as candidates if they have the potential to address an unmet therapeutic need, offer a novel mechanism of action or therapeutic benefit over existing therapies, or treat a serious condition. The final selection features medicines that treat a broad range of therapeutic areas. In addition to identifying new medicines for inclusion in the list, medicines featured in the 2019 Meds Pipeline Monitor are also reviewed to report on changes to their status in the pipeline. A section focused on Canada highlights potentially significant medicines currently under review by Health Canada.

This edition of the report includes a new section on COVID-19, which provides an overview of medicines undergoing Phase I, II, and III clinical trials or in pre-registration for the treatment and prevention of the novel coronavirus disease.

The report collects data from two main sources: GlobalData’s Healthcare database is used to identify medicines currently undergoing clinical evaluation, while Health Canada’s Drug and Health Product Submissions Under Review list provides information on new medicines under review in Canada.

Together with its companion publication Meds Entry Watch, this report series monitors the continuum of new and emerging medicines in Canada and internationally, providing key information to decision makers, researchers, patients, and clinicians, among other stakeholders.

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