Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages
Letter on Implementation of the Call to Action on Anti-Racism, Equity and Inclusion

Summer 2021 update

Dear Janice Charette:

In response to the Call to Action on Anti-Racism, Equity and Inclusion in the Federal Public Service, I am pleased to share with you the concrete measures my office has taken and the results achieved to date.

In fiscal year 2020–2021, my office undertook the following activities:

Activities under way or planned for fiscal year 2021–2022 include the following:

My office will continue its efforts to combat racism and promote equity and inclusion, working together with its various committees and networks to implement action plans that will address the issues that have been raised. In response to the results of the 2020 Public Service Employee Survey, our Human Resources team will meet with employees to listen to their concerns about diversity and inclusion. My office will then develop an action plan to identify opportunities for improvement.

Although we do have some challenges because of our size—including a shortage of qualified staff, a lack of resources, and a greater challenge in implementing the various programs that need to be put in place for the government as a whole (e.g., the Mentoring Plus program)—discussions are under way to determine how this program can be adapted to smaller organizations.

In terms of statistics, my office hired 31 employees, including one executive, and had 44 departures in fiscal year 2020–2021. Because we are a small organization, the data you have requested could risk revealing individuals who have self-identified. Because this information is confidential and could target individuals directly, we prefer not to share it publicly.

Yours sincerely,

Raymond Théberge

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